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Club Penguin: The Muppets World Tour 2014

Disney's Club Penguin partnered up with The Muppets to make Club Penguin - Muppets World Tour! My part in this project was to recreate Club Penguin's Beach as Paris, and to update Club Penguin's Map with the appropriate icons for the places around the world you could visit right in Club Penguin!

Muppets in Club Penguin Trailer

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Paris Themed Beach: Final Art

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Paris Themed Beach: Final Art with 3D Muppet from 3D Art Team in place.

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Paris Themed Beach: Reference and Inspiration board, as well as some Sketches and Colour swatches.

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Paris Themed Beach: Rough Concept

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Paris Themed Beach: Colour Concept

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Club Penguin Muppet Party World Map Icons