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Disney's Club Penguin: Future Party 2014

Disaster has struck Future Club Penguin! What they need now is help from Present Day Club Penguin! Penguins travel to the future to fight Protobot's Robot Army, and destroy the Asteroids and Meteors raining down on Club Penguin! I was assigned to draw a Future Restaurant, for Penguins and Robots, as well as the entrance to the EPF building, and Refuel station.

Rachel eady futureparty logo

Provided Branding

Club Penguin: Protobot Returns

Rachel eady future party party3

Future Restaurant Final Art

Rachel eady future party party7

EPF Entrance, and Refuel Station Final Art

Rachel eady coffee

Future Restaurant Concept Art

Rachel eady beach

EPF Entrance, and Refuel Station Initial Concept Art

Rachel eady spacemoodboardsmall

Provided Club Penguin Future Party 2014 Mood Board