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Club Penguin: Star Wars Takeover 2013 - Environments

In 2013 Club Penguin partnered up with Star Wars to make the Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Party 2013. In this party, mainly based off of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, players traveled from Club Penguin, to Tatooine, to the Death Star, and then to Yavin 4, meanwhile fighting Stormtroopers, Flying the Trench Run, and finally attending the award ceremony for saving the day! For this party I was assigned to do finished clean up art and functionality for the Sandcrawler interior and exterior (A Tatooine Hub), as well as the final room on the Death Star, the Detention Block from concept to completion.

Rachel eady swt logo
Rachel eady sandcrawlerswt

Sand Crawler Interior Final Art

Rachel eady tatooineroom

Sand Crawler Exterior - Tatooine Final Art

Rachel eady tractorbeam

Death Star Room - Detention Block

Rachel eady detentionblock wip b

Death Star Room - Detention Block - Unlocked State

Rachel eady sandcrawler

Concept Art for Sand Crawler Interior - Provided by Art Director, Emily Mullock

Rachel eady tatooinehub2

Concept Art for Sandcrawler Exterior - Tatooine Hub Provided by Art Director, Emily Mullock

Rachel eady detentionblock

Detention Block Concept Art

Rachel eady colour

Detention Block Colour Concept Art

Rachel eady detblock

Star Wars Detention Block Reference